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Peacock bass thrive in warm water in freshwater lakes and coastal canals in Southern Florida.I would like to start targeting them more and wanted advice as to what lures works best for them.Cichla temensis, the speckled pavon, speckled peacock bass, painted pavon, or three-barred peacock bass, is a very large South American cichlid, and a prized food and game fish.

While both speckled and peacock bass were introduced in 1984, the speckled peacocks have not taken to the canals nearly as well as the butterfly peacocks.

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The video was recorded with a GoPro HD camera at 720p and 30fps.

One thing that it did not stop was the peacock bass from biting.Home Tips For Beginners South Florida PEACOCK BASS Fishing In Miami ft.Bonding Peacock Bass Fishing is a great method in catching quality fish here in Naples.Capt. Brett Isackson is a full time South Florida fishing guide, specializing on Miami Peacock bass and large-mouth bass in the Everglades and on Lake Okeechobee and has been known to be vary versatile, live-bait or artificial he can catch them.

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South Florida Fishing pictures of Peacock bass customers, fishing near naples, Ft Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach for trophy peacock bass fishing, We offers charter and guide, Experience the fish capital of the world.Wes was a member of the first group of fishing guests to fish here March 16-22, 2017.These exotic cichlids are a transplant from the Amazon River that were introduced in the 1984 by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission in SE Florida canals.A full time professional guide service just minutes from Disney in Central Florida.

The guys have fished with me 5 times over the last month mostly for largemouth bass on Lake Okeechobee.

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The butterfly is one of the most common and can be found from Florida to South America and even in Hawaii.Found predominantly in South America, along the Amazon River basin, peacock bass have also spread north through Central America, and can now be found in Florida, and as far east as Hawaii. Well South Florida has the Amazon Butterfly Peacock Bass stocked right here in the United States in South Florida areas of Miami, in an a round Ft.The Butterfly Bass was introduced to North American in the 1950s and has taken off quite well and is often found in the same habitat as largemouth bass, offering for an exciting fishing experience.

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Hey fellas, my favorite Peacock bass hole (Blue Lagoon) has alot of seawall construction going on right now.

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When you hear the word bass, most think of sparkly boats, baitcasters and big tournament payouts.

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Captain Mike discusses best lures and tactics for keeping you hooked up.Peacock bass (Cichla) is a genus of large cichlids, diurnal and predatory freshwater fish native to the Amazon and Orinoco basins, as well as rivers of the Guianas, in tropical South America.Our South Florida climate allows for some pretty spectacular fishing opportunities.

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Fishing Pavon in the Sunshine State Native to the Amazon-Orinoco Basins of South America, the peacock bass was first introduced into numerous lakes and canals of South Florida in 1984 by the Florida Freshwater Game and Fish Commission.