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Tourists flock to Rome to marvel at its architecture and its historical legacy, to enjoy the world-famous Italian food, and to experience the bustling narrow streets filled with cafes, gelato shops, and pizza parlors.A tour of the Colosseum is almost a prerequisite for any visitor to Rome, but it has to be well planned in advance since it is one of the biggest draws for tourists in the city.

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As part of the summer festival in Rome (Estate Roma), the castello opens up at night with special events on each of the large terraces.In addition to a list of our top 10 things to do, there will also be sections devoted to free things to do at night and family-friendly attractions you can enjoy even after the sun goes down.

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Trying to figure out how to fill your schedule between the time that the sites close and night falls and when you go to sleep.Check out all the best things to do, such as visiting museums, Paris by Night walking tours, bars, shows.

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It does not matter if you have a mobile or a big DSLR, you will keep shooting.Like anywhere else in the world, a romantic candlelight dinner is the best romantic things to do in Rome at night.Before we jump straight into the walking itinerary of Rome I wanted to go through what the main landmarks and points of interest in Rome are, so that you can pick and choose which ones you actually want to see.

Like most cities in continental Europe, Rome is as full of life by night as it is during the day.

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There are a variety of options for memorable and spectacular evenings in Rome.See pictures and our review of Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi).

Things to Do at Night in Rome In this post, we will provide several different ideas for fun activities that you can enjoy in Rome after dark.

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Rome attractions are mainly the motivation for the tourist activity.The Forum was the real center of social and political life: you will be rounded by ancient ruins, as well.

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Take some night pictures by bracing your camera against a wall, railing, column, or something to steady it.

This blog is a notebook for the Eternal City, a written and visual adventure for those constantly searching for that elusive Roman light and the perfect espresso.Locals and...Nighttime Things to Do in Rome in July The below nighttime things to do in summer are mostly outdoor things to do in Rome (except for visiting the Vatican Museums on Fridays.) They are not free and should be booked in advance.This is your personal guide on things to do in Rome at night.

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Not only do you gain behind the scenes access to the Colosseum Arena Floor and Underground area, but you will experience them under moonlight.After worshipping this stunning fountain take the Via Poli (at the left side of the Trevi fountain), cross the Via del Tritone and continue passing the Via del.

Walking is the easiest and cheapest way to spend the night in the city.Things to Do at Night in Rome Rome is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy.

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Many famous and historic landmarks in this city are lit up after dark, and you can take a tour which covers the most popular locations.

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A stroll in the cool of the summer evening is made memorable by the romance of the Eternal City.Book tickets and activities online with our best price guarantee.On a guided tour, you would easily manage to visit some of the most important attractions in the city including the.

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Walking around Rome at night exploring some of the most beautiful corners is just magic.The old collides with the new in Rome, where visitors can sample both traditional and creative cuisine, classic architecture, avant-garde galleries and endless nightlife options.

This post will provide a variety of different ideas for things to do in Rome during the month of November.With many things to do in Rome Italy, the city attracts millions of visitors every year.

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